Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Time For Looking the Other Way Has Come to an End

It’s Time to Make a Difference

I’m here to tell you the truth. The truth is, there are monsters out there. They want to rape our kids. The truth is ugly and brutal. I will not stand by, and let these monsters carry on without any type of accountability. You need to be aware of these monsters. You need to know what they do and how they do it. It starts here, and it starts now.

As parents, we are in charge of our kids. We are the ones who have to keep them safe. We cannot put that responsibility onto the child. A child cannot mentally or physically fight a predator. That does not mean that they should not be educated. It just means that the time for looking the other way has come to an end.

Just look down at your child or grandchild. Take a good look. What would you do to protect them? Anything, right? Well, now’s the time to start educating yourself. Knowledge is power.

Start with reading our Grooming Articles. Then…

Talk about it:

Stop being embarrassed or afraid to say the words, “molestation”, or “sex”, or “child mosester” or “pedophile” or “child predator”. Use them, and think of them. Let your child know that it’s ok to say those words too. I’m not saying it’s ok to accuse or label someone; I’m saying society is afraid to talk about taboo subjects. It gives the power to the predators. If you are hesitant to use those words, then you won’t talk about it. Talking about it means the subject is no longer taboo, and it takes the power away from the predators.

Be Brave:

At first you will stand out and draw attention. That’s good. You want others to listen to you when you talk about child predators. Know this: If your child is molested, there’s a 85-90% chance that is was done by someone you know or someone your child knows. You need to be brave enough to look at those you know, love, and trust, and think, “is he/she a child predator?” You need to do this before it’s too late- before they get their hands on your child.

Use your knowledge:

Use your knowledge to keep your kids safe. If you see someone using grooming behaviors, stop them by preventing them from controling the situation. Don’t let them get what they want just to be polite. If you see inappropriate behavior, say something. That’s right, speak up and point it out and make that person stop. Look them in the eye and let them know that you know exactly what they are doing and that you will not tolerate it.

Share the Knowledge:

Share the information about grooming and child predators with everyone. This is how we will stop them. If everyone knew what to look for, then there would be a lot less victims out there.

As I said before, 2008 will be a turning point in the fight against child predators and in strengthening public awareness. It starts here and now, and it starts with you. You CAN make a difference. By making a difference, you can help save a child from rape, torture, and even death. Don’t let the predators get away with hurting our children. They hide and lie because they know that people don’t want to face the truth. The time for looking the other way has come to an end. Please help me to tell the truth to everyone. Please help me to stop the monsters.

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